Sushi Overload is a game in which you control a very greedy cat named Fattikins. Use the keyboard arrow keys
(or A and D) to move side to side to catch fish.

Avoid eating anything that isn't a fish such as
broken bottles, tires, knives, anvils or TNT.

Don't get greedy: if you eat too many fish too quickly,
you will move slower and slower until you are
unable to get out of the way of any threats!

Pace yourself, and have fun!
Sushi Overload was written from scratch starting from a blank text file for the Ludum Dare MiniLD #20
48 hour speed-programming competition.

Click here to visit the competition web page.

All code, art and sounds were created by hand
using notepad, markers and a microphone.

It is copyright © 2010 by Christer Kaitila
a.k.a. Breakdance McFunkypants. Enjoy!
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