I have the best job in the world. I make games for a living, usually for clients, and have done so for over a decade. I've programmed over 30 videogames and well over a hundred pieces of software. I created One Game A Month and the Charity Game Jam. I compose music, and have published two gamedev books. I am available to hire on a per-project freelance basis. Contact: Twitter, Google+, Email.
Familiars Guild
My current ongoing game project is Familiars Guild, a turn-based strategy game where you team up with animal companions. It features colourful 3d graphics, a tavern where you recruit your party, and deep tactical gameplay with tons of eye-candy. It is designed for all modern gaming platforms, both console, mobile and desktop. Some of my past games are listed below for your gaming pleasure.
Wolf King: a 3d platformer.
Unity Windows Mac Linux
Bouncycastleicious: a bouncy castle simulator for kids and adults. Play Now
Get Kraken: a turn-based tactics game made in Unity3D. Play Now
Basho: an abstract Breakout+Mario mashup. Web Win8 app
Skelevator: a rising tide of lava to escape. Web Win8
Kaizen: an arcade sci-fi shoot-em-up. Web
Gwendolynn the Lionhearted: a metroidvania. Web Win8
The Peasants are Revolting: a tower defence game. Web Windows Win8 phone
Rubba Rabbit - a fast and bouncy platformer. Web Win8
Mars Orbital: low gravity halfpipe in space. Windows
Greeble: collect the cryo-keys. Web
Super Snowball Fight: an FPS with ice forts. Download
Pathos - a pathfinding puzzle game Web Win8
Tower Game Starter Kit for Win8, Windows 8 Phone, and web HTML5: SDK
Platform Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 Apps and web HTML5: SDK

Gates of Rath – turn based pacman

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Pathos – a puzzle strategy game

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Mars Orbital – space platformer

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Fantasy Map Tactics HTML5 Game

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Dr. Nano – tiny surgeon

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Rising Lava of Doom HTML5 Game

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Flipping through my Stage3D book

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3D bullet-hell shooter!

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